PASEO Maritimo residents in Palma are outraged by the city council's decision to tackle the “botellon” street parties along the Playa de Palma while continuing to ignore the serious problem they pose along Palma's sea-front.

Palma council mounted its first weekend bottelon patrol last weekend with extra street cleaning personnel and resources drafted into the resort to keep the situation in check.

The number of Local Police monitoring the area was also stepped up.
However, while the initiative has been welcomed by residents in the Playa de Palma, those living along the Paseo Maritimo are furious that the City Council has not responded to their pleas for help in combating the weekend street parties along the water front.

Every weekend during the summer, hundreds of young people join the party along the Paseo Maritimo leaving piles of plastic bags, ice bags, broken bottles and plastic cups in their wake for residents and guests at the four and five star hotels along the seafront to wake up to the following morning.

Last summer, a number of residents and boat owners contacted the Bulletin and warned that they were considering taking action to stop the botellons.
Perhaps, now that the Council appears to be willing to tackle the problem along the Playa de Palma, now is the time for angry Paseo Maritimo residents to try and force City Hall's hand into helping them.

Granted, extra rubbish bins are placed along the waterfront over the weekend and the Local Police are under orders to keep an eye on the situation but the small army of cleaners continues to face a monumental cleaning task every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning as cyclists, joggers and roller bladers have to slalom their way through the rubbish.

Most of the young street party goers claim that the price of drinks in the bars and clubs is far too expensive and the botellon is their only alternative.


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