By Humphrey Carter

SECURITY in and around Marbella was at a maximum level yesterday ahead of today's arrival of the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha for a four day “mother and daughter” trip to Spain which is due to end with a trip to Palma to met King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at Marivent Palace.

Sources in Marbella told the Bulletin yesterday that all access roads leading to the hotel have been resurfaced over the past weeks, so the visit, despite efforts by the White House to deny it, has been common knowledge for some time.

Even at the beginning of last week, the Majorca visit was being denied.
However, it appears that the four-day “press closed” trip to Spain will end here in Palma.
The emphasis from the White House is that the visit is a strictly private one so what, if any plans the First Lady and her daughter have of visiting any of Palma's historic sites are going to be kept a closely guarded secret.

Bearing in mind the four day visit to Spain is due to end on Sunday, the trip to Majorca may be a brief one. That said, it is going to generate global press coverage for the island.

Marbella have gone the extra mile and erected huge billboards welcoming the Obamas - their visit to Majorca will probably be much more discreet.
According to a study carried out by Oak Power Communications, the visit is going to be the focus of an estimated 50'000 global media articles and news bulletins.

The market research company claims that some 600 chains, 2'500 newspapers, 2'100 online media services, 900 radio stations, 950 magazines and a further 900 “gossip” magazines will be covering, or trying to cover the visit.

Majorca, and to a lesser extent Marbella, are no strangers to VIP visitors. Majorca has been visited by a number of former and acting US Presidents such as Bush Sr., the last being Bill Clinton with his wife Hillary and recently wed daughter Chelsea.

He has since returned on a number of occasions on private visits.
But Majorca is also a favourite destinations for European, Middle Eastern and even Japanese Royalty never mind European political leaders.


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