Palma.—For the fifth year running, the Hydration and Health Observatory, the Spanish Medical College and the Quirón Foundation have launched their campaign to drive home to the public just how important it is to drink enough liquid to keep the body in good health.

Their principal advice of the campaign entitled “There are 1'000 ways to stay hydrated” is to take a variety of non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day which are rich in flavour such as cold teas of various kinds and soft drinks.

Despite the damage that heat and dehydration can do to the body, 5 percent of people in the Balearics acknowledged that they spend long hours on the beach without drinking anything and almost 40 percent said they only drank something when they were thirsty, a symptom indicating there is already a certain degree of dehydration. The very young, the elderly and infirm are at risk.

According to the National Weather Agency (AEMET), this summer is proving to be hotter than usual and comes hard on the heels of one of the warmest springs on record.

The situation could mean a rise in the number of hospital admissions for people suffering heat stroke and dehydration, most commonly experienced at this time of year.

Direct over-exposure to the sun can provoke excess loss of body fluid resulting in headaches, fainting, vomiting, fatigue, etcetera.
But there are other risk factors - gastroenteritis can cause dehydration as can long journeys by car or aeroplane and the excessive use of air conditioning which dries the atmosphere. These risks are often not taken into account, said the watchdog.


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