THE Works Committee of Majorcan Railway Services (SFM) will be taking industrial action today to show the public that differences with management remain unresolved.

The wild cat strike will be called between 10am and 12pm, said the Works Committee yesterday. “Because we follow a policy of openness, we want the public to know what is happening,” said a spokesmen.

The Committee and Unions representing SFM workers say they have received no direct answers from the company to a number of “uncomfortable” questions which they intend to go on asking. “For two years now,” said the spokesman, “there's been no agreement at the meetings held between the company and the Committee.” The management only report on what suits them, he said, adding that the public shouldn't heed the “official version” given by the regional Transport ministry.

The Committee has been locked in an ongoing battle with SFM over security measures on trains following two fires earlier in the year and on what the Committee claim is an “urgent” need for more full-time mechanics.