A cold front which started sweeping in through the Gulf of Lyon two days ago affecting most of the western Mediterranean has meant that temperatures on Majorca are down 5 degrees in comparison with those registered last Monday, Bernat Amengual, spokesman for the Balearic Met. Office said yesterday.

He further explained that there has been particularly high humidity at low levels and this, combined with the effect of the cold front, has brought temperatures down and prompted isolated showers of rain.

Lluc, Porreres, Sa Pobla and Pollensa have been the areas where the drop in temperature has registered the most. In other places, such as Capdepera, it has been cooler but not so noticeably.

In Palma, it is now 2.5 degrees cooler than it was on Monday. Temperatures were registering 27.5 degrees Centigrade in comparison with the maximum of 29.5 degrees at the beginning of the week.

In Sa Pobla, the maximum temperature yesterday was 28.8 degrees compared to the 33.4 mark that thermometers were hitting on Monday.
In Lluc, the drop in temperature has been almost 5 degrees accompanied by 7 litres of rainfall, and indeed, Lluc proved to be the area where most rain fell on Majorca yesterday.

The Balearic Met. Office says that similar weather patterns to the last two days are going to prevail today with cloudy intervals and the possibility of light rainfall.

According to the National Weather Agency (AEMET), it will not be until Saturday when temperatures are likely to rise again to levels that can be said to be truly “summery”.

The public were warned by AEMET yesterday however, that the sun's ultra violet rays can still penetrate thin cloud layers and advised to maintain normal skin protection procedures even if the sun is not shining directly overhead. AEMET also said that people should be encouraged to step up their water intake in humid conditions, whether or not they feel thirsty.


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