Majorca.— Members of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra are said to be outraged with the outcome of yet another round of negotiations with the authorities responsible for the funding of the orchestra after discovering that a proposed plan to reduce their salaries by only 20% was a lie. The group feels cheated after Tuesday's meeting and said through their committee president Carlos Fortea that “it is impossible to negotiate like this”. “We found out that the proposal to reduce our salaries by 20% like they told us last month was not entirely true. After we read the proposal we discovered that they want to cut our income by 27%. This is not how you do business. We have had enough. We are tired of being smooth talked and then nothing. “We are not going to stand for this. This proposal will not be tolerated and we will not allow any of our colleagues to get sacked.” The musicians add that they kept their word when last year it was agreed that their salaries would be reduced 17% to meet the budget but that they were promised that the situation would not be repeated this year. “We have kept our word. This week's proposal to our group demonstrates a total lack of respect for us.” The two parts were due to meet yesterday again for a new round of talks but the orchestra sent out a warning in advance: “We are willing to negotiate everything except our wages. “Salaries for the month of July have not been paid yet and if the situation continues we will have no option but to complain to the authorities.”


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