THE Mayor of Soller, Carlos Simarro, “invited” bathers to cooperate with the council and use the special fireproof cardboard ashtrays supplied instead of littering the beach with “dog ends”. These ashtrays can be obtained free from a dispenser situated at the Red Cross post on the beach in the Port.
The ashtrays are supplied by the Balearic Ministry for the Environment.
During yesterday's inauguration of this new service, Simarro asked all beach users to “be aware” and always collect up their cigarette ends.
He added that these are “very difficult” to get at once buried in the sand, a very extensive custom among bathers who smoke.
Soller council last year took similar action, delivering ashtrays to hotels, the Red Cross and the local Tourist Information Office. This action had a good response from the public, according to Simarro. Also present at the presentation of this initiative were the councillor for Health, Maria Jose Serra, the councillor for Tourism, Bartomeu Pomar, and the councillor for Culture, Miquel Nadal.


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