Palma.—A wildfire opposite the aquarium in the Playa de Palma caused traffic chaos yesterday as the heat wave and hot winds forced the emergency services to close roads in the area and cordoned the scene off to protect the general public.

The fire broke out early yesterday afternoon and fire fighters with major support from the emergency services were on the scene within minutes due to the fire proximity to hotels.

Fire fighters planes were also brought in.
What began as a small fire spread quickly because of the strong winds and the decision was taken to evacuate the Palma Aquarium in an orderly manner while some of the security staff helped fight the flames.

The fire, which broke out at 14.15pm was eventually extinguished at 15.30.
The island remains on level one forest fire alert as temperatures yesterday reached highs of 38ºC in Llubi, Arta and Alaro and temperatures are forecast to remain high until early next week with night time minimums of between 22ºC and 24ºC.


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