Cala Figuera.—Balearic ecological watchdog “GOB” has challenged local bylaws in Santanyi, with particular reference to plans in the pipeline for Cala Figuera, caló d'en Boira and the creation of two new industrial estates in Cala d'Or.

The conservationists say that the current plans, which have recently been tabled again by the council, don't give sufficient consideration to the protection of the landscape and the natural environment.

GOB said that Santanyi town council needs to bring its rural protection laws, which should be in line with legislation revised in 1985 up to date.
GOB said that the coastal area of caló (cove) den Boira is dominated by sharp inclines and natural woodland leaving little, if any room for urban development.

Industrial services
Other complaints by GOB relate to two new industrial estates and associated services in Cala d'Or which remain out of line with revised legislation.
GOB insisted that just because Santanyi council is in control of land legitimately classified as urban, there is no justification - and no automatic right - to construct projects which are reportedly grossly out of proproportion to the surrounding countryside.

By its very nature, GOB claimed, the project would merely generate contaminating industrial growth.


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