SOME 20 volunteers of Environmental Defence Group (Gadma) have been clearing out the sa Roca lake in the s'Albufera wetlands reserve near Alcudia.
The aim is to rid the lakes of types of reeds, thorn bushes and spindly rushes that have grown to excess.
Gadma spokesman, Bernat Fiol said yesterday that the work the volunteers are undertaking will ensure the lake's ecosystem remains in balance and that some species of plants do not flourish at the expense of others. “We're also trying to preserve threatened species of animals, birds and plants such as the horned coot which is in danger of vanishing from the lake along with its nesting sites,” explained Fiol.

Fiol furthered that once the excess vegetation is removed and the plant life pruned at the edge of the lake, visibility improves, making school trips to the natural wetlands more interesting for children.

This is the first volunteer action Gadma has been involved in after their headquarters were broken into nearly two weeks ago and 300 euros in cash stolen.


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