Palma.—A drugs raid carried out in the early hours of yesterday morning in the Palma suburbs of Son Banya and Son Ferriol resulted in three arrests, one of them being the leader of the Ove gypsy clan, National Police confirmed.

So-called Operation Guaraná involved the search of seven addresses in the shanty town of Son Banya and a house in Son Ferriol east of Palma where officers found cocaine, heroin and marijuana.

Around 100 National Police officers took part in the operation which began at about 9.30pm on Friday evening and ending at 2am.
The main suspects in the drugs haul were the Ove clan, specifically a man referred to as “Ico” who is known to be the son of infamous drugs dealer “La Paca,” herself now serving a long jail sentence, and separately another clan known as the “Sansito.” Apart from the drugs seized in the raids on the addresses for which the police had warrants, officers also found large amounts of cash, firearms, and jewellery.

At the property in Son Ferriol, a rucksack was found containing various firearms including a revolver and a hunting rifle, whilst in Son Banya officers confiscated a large repeater rifle. Those arrested have been taken into police custody and are now waiting to appear before magistrates.

Operation Guaraná comprised several specialist police units including a rapid response division, another dealing specifically with crime committed by foreigners, and a forensic science department. A helicopter and sniffer dogs were used.


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