Palma.—Of the 13 underground rivers - or aquifers - reviewed, the one in Felanitx has the highest volume of water as it is apparently still nearly full at 98 percent of capacity.

Also in a good condition is the aquifer of s'Extremera at 80 percent of capacity, 9 percent more than in July in 2011.
The island aquifers which have the least capacity are Ufanes with just 27%, and Almadrava (34%).
In the whole of the Balearics, the aquifers are at 50 percent of capacity, 4 percent less than at the same time last year.
However, the reservoirs which ensure the water supply of the municipality of Palma are at 57.29% of capacity, 18 percent higher than at the end of July 2011 when levels were no higher than 38.59%.

The Gorg Blau reservoir is at 72.41% of capacity and Cuber at 33.33%. The total reserve water supply measures 1'548cubic hectometres. So far this year, the reservoirs have had an average of 385 litres per square metre. The most fell in January (109 litres per square metre) and in February (122).

Palma Town Council gave assurances yesterday that its water management company “Emaya” has fully guaranteed a supply of drinking water for the municipal population.

A spokesman said however that with water being a prime resource and with average levels of aquifers falling, the public should show responsibility in its use. He said that around the Balearics, all local authorities should reward low consumption through tariff systems. He said that an assessment needs to be made according to the number of people in a property.

Even six people in one home could be rewarded for using low water volumes per head, he suggested.