Palma.—Just as the passengers on flight ZC959 were getting comfortable in their seats as their flight home to Birmingham began to taxi down the run way at Palma's Son San Joan airport at 11.15pm on Friday night, a 17-year-old Briton, under the influence of drugs, lost control and began dancing up and down the aisle and acting violently towards fellow passengers.

The captain of the aircraft immediately brought the plane to a halt and contacted the control tower reporting that one of his passengers was acting violently on the plane and that he wanted the individual off the plane as quickly as possible.

Guardia Civil
Members of the Guardia Civil rushed to the parked plane quickly, they were on the scene in less than two minutes, and immediately began disembarking the passengers, minus the 17-year-old.

Large in stature, he remained on board, dancing and causing problems so members of the Guardia Civil had to board the plane and due force had to be used to restrain the teenager who reacted violently and tried to resist arrest.

However, the Guardia Civil managed to quickly restrain the teenager, much to the applause and relief of fellow passengers and flight crew, some of whom were very uncomfortable about what had happened.

Detention centre
The juvenile prosecution service was informed and police were told to complete a full report and then put the teenager back on the plane and send him home. However, the captain refused to allow the teenager back on board, stating that the individual has been put on the airline's ‘no fly' list.

The flight to Birmingham finally took off three hours later.
So, a juvenile court decided that the teenager be held in the Es Pinaret juvenile detention centre over- night until he had calmed down and was in a fit and safe state to fly.

However, come the morning, he was on the black list of all UK airlines.
So a Palma judge had to order an airline to carry him with the condition that the teenager would be escorted back to the UK by a member of the Guardia Civil.

Yesterday afternoon, the teenager was back home in the UK but the judicial process remains open and the teenager can expect a heavy fine, court sources said yesterday.

What is more, he may discover that no airline will allow him to fly with them in the future after his antics at Palma airport.
Sources for the security forces at Palma airport said that they are well prepared for such incidents and take them extremely seriously.


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