Palma.—A water cleaning team from the Balearics managed to remove 14.4 tons of waste, much of it non-biodegradable, from the sea during July using 23 waste removal boats.

Accordingtothe authorities that was more than double the quantity collected during July last year.
The team said the good weather conditions in the region over the past few weeks made their work easier as the sea was often calm, allowing the team to do their job every day without an incident and also due to the thermal winds, which helped drag the waste towards the coastlines.

Plastics Nine of the waste removal boats worked around Majorca and managed to remove 7.1 tons of rubbish from the local coast, while six of them collected 4.3 tons from Minorcan waters, another six removed 2.6 tons from Ibiza and the remaining two managed to clear Formentera of 372kg of waste.

Products removed from the water varied between wood and drift wood, plastics, organic waste, seaweed and oils.

Emergency The 23 boats operating off the coast of the Balearic islands between July and September, help not only with the removal of rubbish from the waters, but also to prevent possible contamination, to maintain the quality of the waters and work with the emergency services and the port authorities.So far one of them has saved a stricken yacht off the coast of Ibiza and another helped remove a 745kg tree from the waters off the Majorcan coast.


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