NINETEEN of the 99 cemeteries on the Balearics are very nearly full, being at more than 98 percent of their capacity.
This makes the islands the autonomous region with the highest percentage of cemeteries which are nearly full, according to official figures. The report warns that this saturation affects, although on a lesser scale, some 60 percent of the cemeteries on the islands, which have 90 percent of their places allocated. Only 40 percent of Balearic cemeteries have more than 10 percent of their available space free. On the other hand, the islands come out better with regard to the state of the roads leading to the cemeteries, as 85 percent were described at “good” by the report, which makes the Balearics the third best in this respect in comparison to the other Spanish provinces, behind Malaga (90.5 percent) and Alicante (90.3 percent). At the same time the report said that 13 percent of the cemeteries have “average” access roads, and just 1 percent were described as “bad”, from which it concluded that the islands are the region with the second lowest percentage of cemetery access roads which are in a bad state. As for the ownership of the cemeteries, the report said that 80 of the 99 cemeteries which exist in the Balearics are council owned while the other 19 are the property of the Catholic Church.


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