Palma.— “I've been given a new lease of life,” said the driver of a car who survived an appalling accident on Sunday along the Llucmajor to Palma motorway.

The incident, which could so easily have become a tragedy happened not 500 metres away from the Coca Cola bottling factory which lies right alongside the Ma-19 motorway.

Although it is not yet known exactly what caused the accident, initial assessments however, confirm that the young driver lost control of his car which collided with the metal barrier at the side of the motorway. Because the impact was so strong, the barrier acted as a sort of ramp up which the car flew several metres only to disappear down into the dry river bed which crosses under the motorway.

With the shocking scene having been witnessed by many other drivers, it took little time for officers of the Traffic department of the Guardia Civil to arrive on the scene.

Amazingly, the 30-year-old driver, having evaded serious injury, told officers that he didn't want to go to hospital by ambulance but rather with a member of his family who had rushed to the scene of the accident.

A powerful crane belonging to “Grúas Mallorca” was then directed to the motorway bridge by Guardia Civil Traffic department officers. Whilst passing vehicles were controlled, the wreck of the crashed car was lifted from the river bed.


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