Palma.— Those who joined the “peaceful” protest were given a number and a small card board as they took their place in the giant human chain forming the words “Save Sa Rapita” and the shape of a shell and a sea star, in protest against plans to build a macro hotel in the area. “We want to show our discontent with the policies being considered for Sa Rapita and show our support for the preservation of this natural area,” they said.

Margalida Ramis, one of the organisers of the movement explained that around 400 people were necessary to create the giant human chain but the number of people who decided to join and help surpassed all expectations. “We managed to gather everyone we needed to do this demonstration and even more than that. We want to thank all the volunteers that decided to join this civic movement to save Sa Rapita.” Ramis added that the group had “a pleasant surprise last month when the motion that allowed the construction of the hotel was overruled”, although the Council of Majorca is expected to contest the decision. “We want to ask those in charge to stop spending public money on projects that only a few benefit from,” Ramis said, expressing her concern with potential problems that the project might bring to the area.


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