MARIA Antonia Munar, the president of the Council of Majorca, slammed the Partido Popular yesterday, saying it was “illegal and disgraceful” for the party to use the councillor who had “defected” from the Majorcan Unionist (UM) party to rule in Calvia, and said that this was “an attack on the democratic system.” Munar, who is also president of the UM, was speaking prior to a reception. She said that if the PP does not solve the Calvia crisis before September it will be necessary to call a meeting to analyse the breakdown in the pact to govern in Calvia. At the last elections, the socialists lost Calvia to the PP. But as the latter had only ten seats it was one short of a simple majority and so it signed a pact to rule with the UM, which had two councillors. The crisis broke earlier this month, when Joan Thomas resigned from the UM to side with the PP in approving plans for the Nova Santa Ponsa development, a project which his party did not approve. Munar called on the PP to do without the support of Thomas in Calvia as “he is no longer bound by party (UM) discipline.” She went on to say “The PP must set an example and cannot permit itself the luxury of ruling thanks to a defector.” But she did not attach any importance to the fact that she has still not had talks with Jaume Matas, the leader of the Balearic government and president of the PP in the islands, to discuss the political situation in Calvia. However, she did say that the conflict in Andratx, where the two UM councillors have been dismissed from the council, was “important” and she said Mayor Eugenio Hidalgo (PP) should have notified the UM in advance. Munar also criticised the recent ruling which will ban local television channels which did not win a digital channel concession, adding that they do not affect other television stations.


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