Majorca.— After almost two years of being closed to traffic, the road connecting Son Servera to Cala Millor has finally been reopened.
This puts an end to months of complaints by the locals who have had to live without one of the most important routes in the area for the past couple of years.

The renovation work made by the Council of Majorca cost almost 230'000 euros but the old route leading to the town entrance is now fixed. Some small changes were also made to the brow of a hill in the area, although separating barriers to protect pedestrians and cyclists are yet to be finished.

The Council, which finished the project by mid Summer as promised in the beginning, said that the alternative route used along the old road while refurbish works were being carried out, will no longer be open to the public as initially planned due to health and safety reasons.

A road traffic team from the Council is considering the possibility of handing it over to the Son Servera Council, so they can handle it, as the team believes they are dealing with an urban track.

They are also thinking about doing the same with the safety lanes that were built with the new ring road that allows access to the town.
In Son Servera in particular, the news were received with great relief since this was one of the main routes they used to travel to Cala Millor.
Since the road closed they were forced to alter their usual journey, making it more difficult and slow to move from one to the other.