THE horse-drawn carriage rank below the Cathedral is to be removed and relocated to the Parc de la Mar in October this year, Palma City Council said yesterday.

Transport Councillor, Jose Hila, explained that the new carriage park at the side the Customs building and Harbour Master's Office will have an awning and water for the horses.

Hila also said that the carriage rank in Calle Conqueridor is to be enlarged so that the animals can be tethered in the shade and the stands on Vía Antoni Maura can then be removed.

Controversy over the horse-drawn carriages in Palma was raised yet again a few weeks ago when one of the horses died, reportedly from a heat stroke.
Hila acknowledged that the Council would need to work alongside the carriage drivers to make sure the move to Parc de la Mar goes smoothly. He said that as of next summer, new bylaws would mean that it will not be legal for the horses to be standing out in the sun. He indicated that the changes being made are part of a drive to improve the tourist image of the horse-drawn carriages - over the years, tourists have periodically made it known that they see carriage driving as being cruel to the animals. Hila said there was a need to modernise the carriages and for the drivers to provide better information to the public on the service they provide.


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