Palma.—With 260 families in Palma facing eviction from their homes, unable to pay their mortgages, Palma's city Council and the Lawers Association has decided to open a Mortgage Mediation centre to help them.

The Mayor of Palma Mateo Isern, explained during the opening ceremony, that citizens at risk of losing their houses can now go to the Municipal Consumer Information Centre at Mercado del Olivar number 4, and ask for an appointment with a lawyer, or alternatively call 971716002 or contact the centre via email to :

Cases will be analysed for free, and depending on how serious the family's situation is, the Council will then act accordingly and pass on the case to the social services after assessing the situation and establish the severity of the problem.

In order to benefit from this new service, citizens must be registered with Palma Council, and the property in question must be the family's main residence.

Isern stressed that this new measure comes after an unanimous decision by all entities responsible for the creation of the centre adding that other proposals were also made to central government hoping to change the current laws and avoid the situation from escalating to even more worrying numbers.

On that subject the Mayor contacted the central authorities by letter requesting a more in depth study of the current real estate tax system (IBI), and a possible change to lower the tax burden some families carry even after having their houses repossessed.

Isern also confirmed that the council is currently in negotiations with the financial authorities to ensure past promises and agreements are honoured.
There were plans in the past to make 60 properties available so that families who are evicted have a place to stay until they resolve their situation, instead of just being thrown out into to streets, considering many have small children.

The city Council currently has a couple of buildings at its disposal to help those who faced eviction, with 169 people living in it, 29 of them being children, but with only 28 free places left, the financial authorities are now under pressure to deliver the houses they promised.


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