THE Guardia Civil have arrested thirteen people and broken up two violent youth gangs implicated in a shootout eleven days ago in San Antonio on Ibiza. The opposing groups had clashed on an ongoing basis over the control of drug trafficking in the leisure area of the town.
The shootout happened on 31 July when gunmen in two cars opened fire, wounding three British citizens in the process, one of them seriously.
Also amongst the injured, according to Guardia Civil sources, was a 23-year-old man who belonged to one of the gangs. He was travelling in one of the cars with several other people, who, after the shooting had ceased, abandoned the scene of the crime. Two British 19-year-olds who suffered slight injuries, were caught in the crossfire by chance and had no connection with the warring bands.
The Guardia Civil confirmed that one of the vehicles, which appeared to have been a hire car, was located the same day with damage from bullet impacts clearly visible on the body work. In the interior, officers found a variety of items which had been used at th scene of the crime along with a large quantity of drugs. The evidence eventually led to the arrest of a 24-year-old Briton who had tried to hide the fact that he lent the car to a member of one of the gang by falsely reporting the vehicle had been stolen. A 19-year-old Briton was also arrested for his alleged involvement in the crime. Officers were then able to go on to identify the aggressors who fired on the second vehicle: one Briton and another of Maroccan origin whose whereabouts are currently unknown. Subsequent arrests included two Spaniards and a Briton who were in the vehicle which had been fired on. On 2nd August, another two Britons were arrested when they were discovered at the house of the gang member who had been seriously injured intending to do away with incriminating evidence. Both were charged with attempting to withhold evidence and breaking and entering.
Investigators discovered that the aggressors in the shootout were receiving backup support from four Britons and a Maroccan who were arrested at a property out in the country. At the remote location, a number of other artefacts were found including laptop computers, mobile phones, costly high fidelity stereo equipment, electric cooking equipment, knives and a box of ammunition.


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