FIFTEEN Minorcan horses will be a star feature at celebrations being held in Inca in September to mark the centenary of the town's bullring, event organiser Bartomeu Llobera said yesterday.

Llobera, who is also the President of the Bullfighting Culture Museum confirmed that the horses will be arriving on 17th and 18th September to take part in a spectacular, the likes of which have never been seen before in Inca, otherwise known as the capital of the Raiguer district of Majorca.

Llobera said that he had seen the horses and their riders performing in another municipality of the Balearics and he liked the act so much that he automatically wanted it included in the bullring anniversary celebrations.

Bartomeu Murillo is the owner of the equestrian centre “Equimar” and has been given the responsibility of getting the 15 horses, from Es Castell on Minorca, over to Majorca for the event. The display, Murillo said, is essentially about mastery of the horse, from the time it is born, through its training period, right up until the time it is ready to take part in traditional Minorcan festivals.

But the celebrations at the bullring in Inca will be going on over several days and there will be plenty of music and partying as well as the horse control displays, added Llobera. He said that there have been more than 20 sales points set up in different municipalities of Majorca where entrance tickets can be bought for as little as 5 euros for children and 10 for adults. Mayor's deputy, Councillor Felip Jerez said yesterday that the contribution of the Minorcan horses to the celebrations is highly commendable at a time when there has been plenty of confrontation in Inca between supporters of the traditional bullfight and those who seek to ban it on grounds of cruelty. “The bullring centenary will become a cultural attraction as opposed to a time for further conflict,” he claimed.


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