THE 20 people who were arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning in a police crackdown on a confrontation between two rival motorbike gangs on the Playa de Palma, declared to a court in Palma yesterday that they had come to Majorca on holiday, not to fight.

In the dock were members of the so-called “Gremium” motorbike gang who said that the violent interlude on Wednesday, in which they had fought with the resident “Hells Angels” gang resulting in between 30 and 40 people being injured, had been a matter of chance. The detainees claimed that they had not come to Majorca looking for trouble or to “settle scores” with rivals.

But the police are claiming that it was indeed the Gremium gang who were the aggressors and that evidence pointed to the fact that it was they, and not the Hells Angels who had started the fight in which dangerous weapons had been used.

Sources close to the ongoing investigation added, however, that incidents of this nature were not normal on Majorca and occurred because of internal wranglings. Those who had been arrested were finally given a conditional discharge by the court.

The Gremium bikers, aged between 35 and 52 were mostly German but with Turkish, Albanian and Lebanese members, had been brought to court by a full contingent of National Police, ready to respond to any type of incident equipped with three vans and several motorbikes.

The court at first addressed the group of detainees as a whole but then questioned them individually. After the court hearing was over, preparations were made for the Gremium bikers to return to their country of origin, although one member had lost his passport in the fight.


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