MAYOR of Palma Catalina Cirer is facing growing unrest from residents, who have formed no fewer than eight pressure groups in just two years to oppose some of her policies. The opposition groups' grievances include the underwater gas link ending at Es Carnatge, the enlargement of the airport, the new hospital at Ses Espases and a second ring road, all of which they want to block, while at the same time they want a bigger green zone for the Stations Park, instead of a proposed three lane road. Pere Muñoz, the spokesman of the Majorcan Unionist (UM) party on the council, blamed the Mayor and her team for “lacking the capacity to talk things over and continually ignoring the wishes of the people.” He said that some of the decisions were taken in “an arbitrary manner.” Muñoz said “they all depend directly or indirectly on Cirer's wishes, such as having the gas pipe run through a unique natural area such as Es Carnatge instead of the Dique del Oeste, failing to keep the electoral promise to build a park instead of a road in Calle Jacint Verdaguer or building the new hospital near the Real Monastery instead of refurbishing Son Dureta.” Resolving these questions is in the Mayor's hands, he said.
Muñoz went on to say that the Mayor also has problems with some neighbourhood associations, who are opposed to changes in some areas such as Son Gotleu and Camp Redo, as they will mean people will be forced to move to other areas. All eyes will be on the Mayor at the end of next week, as the traditional pilgrimage to the monastery from Plaza Cort will be held on Friday.
The Mayor usually takes part, but last year, there were serious disturbances, as demonstrators clashed with the police. They were protesting at plans to build the hospital at Ses Espases, which, they claim, will affect the monastery. The Prior of the monastery has asked the Mayor not to attend. She, for her part, has not yet confirmed if she will or if she will send a representative. Muñoz said that the city council has shattered the dreams of many people.


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