THE punk band fronted by Oscar-winning American actress Juliette Lewis will be the star performance at the Record Fair which will be taking place in Palma on September 10 and 11. The programme of events will also include live concerts by Steve Wynn, The Miracle 3, Los Straitjackets and Maquina.
The Natural Born Killers' star turned rock vixen and her band The Licks released their second album in May called You're Speaking my Language”, which they will be presenting in Palma next month. Juliette Lewis, who starred in Kalifornia and Too Young to die, started the band in 2003 determined to revolutionise the state of commercial rock 'n' roll. “My intention is for our music to serve as an antidote to self-doubt, apathy and fear, which has become rampant in society right now”, she said at the time. The group have built a reputation for an explosive live show. Juliette Lewis is ferocious as the front woman, while guitarists Todd Morse and Kemble Waters provide strong riffs. Their first album, Like a Bolt of Lightning, was released in October 2004. The Licks are influenced by the works by Patti Smith, The Pretenders and Talking Heads “I love the problem of whether or not we will be taken seriously. That's good, it plays into our hands because, let me tell you, there has never been an actor like me doing a band like this. Never! I've had to prove myself my whole life, I've never had anything easy, and I've always been the underdog”, said Lewis. Juliette Lewis is a child of the eighties inspired by Patti Smith, Pat Benatar and Joan Jett, and her desire to succeed as a singer has been in the works for many years. She started singing at the age of 7. It was her first love. She has now formed her own band and is gigging around the world.
The International Juliette and The Licks tour started back in May, touring the whole of North America. The band then headed over to Japan in July, followed by Finland, Stockholm and East European countries in the beginning of August. The band will be in the UK for a whistle-stop tour towards the end of this month, before jumping on a plane to the warmer shores of the Balearic Islands. They are first playing in Palma on September 10 and 11 before going on to Ibiza, at Manumission (Privilege nightclub) on September 12.


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