THE director of the Meteorological Centre in the Balearics, Agustín Jansá, warned yesterday that in spite of the fact that the Peninsula has been experiencing “a significant drop in temperature”, this decrease has only been slight on the Islands, which indicates that the heat will continue for some days. Jansá confirmed that showers are not forecast for today and tomorrow, although it is “possible” that Thursday and Friday of this week will witness some rain. He pointed out that if last weekend's temperatures are compared with those at the beginning of last week, “there has in fact been some decrease, especially during the daytime. The interior of Majorca had been registering figures of about 38 degrees but this last weekend, they had dropped to touch the 34 degrees centigrade mark.”. He said that in spite of the light fall in registered temperatures “it still remains very hot for the Balearics”, above all, if it is taken into account that the minimum temperatures have not gone down and continue “at a very high level: only two nights ago, it was bordering on 27 degrees centigrade”. Similarly, the director of the Meteorological centre verified that “many lightning flashes were visible the same evening amongst the clouds”. Although the centre's lightning detector system only registers those which hit the Earth, between 30 and 40 were recorded that night.


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