THE Balearic Confederation of Businesses (CAEB) has published a leaflet about the prevention of accidents in the workplace aimed not at workers but at children from 8 years old with the aim of making them aware of this from an early age. According to CAEB's Prevention of Work Accidents committee, a total of 10'000 leaflets have been published which will be distributed among Balearic students, up to 16 years old, in education centres on the islands from September, when the next school year starts. This education project was started “to fight against the lack of preventative knowledge which exists in our society” according to the CAEB, which considers it a “basic” need to start to educate the youngest students about work health and safety. This initiative, financed by the Work Health department of the Balearic Ministry of Work and Training, is intended to contribute to making children and young people aware of prevention “not just in the workplace, but also in their daily lives”, explained the CAEB. According to the CAEB the first batch of leaflets will be directed at pupils between the ages of 8 and 12.


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