Palma.— Air routes and the number of flights in each increases dramatically at Palma airport in summer. Looking at connections with other Spanish airports alone, Palma is linked with 17 others elsewhere in Spain during the winter, a figure which rises spectacularly in July and August to 37. The height of activity is concentrated into just 60 days, from 15th July to 15th September.

The drawback confirmed AENA in a report yesterday, is the fact that traffic to and from Palma airport is seasonal. Findings show that the “retreat” of the high season is growing each year as a consequence of the economic crisis.

Airline companies have to programme their flight schedules to Palma from Leon, Logroño, Pamplona, Badajoz, Salamanca, Ciudad Real, Murcia and San Sebastian practically within record time but with a minimum frequency, perhaps just one or two per week because the demand isn't sufficient to warrant an extended timetable.

National support
Thanks to this support from airlines and from Spanish tourist groups such as Globalia, Orizonia, Barceló and Piñero, Palma achieves maximum “non stop” connectivity with the mainland and with the Canary Islands. If it can be said that optimum coverage is given to national routes in the summer months, then the same can be said of international ones.

There are 170 international connections with Palma airport operated by over 85 airlines. The combination of activity means that Palma becomes a driving force for the National Airports Authority. Palma is the destination which is most sought after by the key client tourist markets, making it AENA's most profitable for the period.


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