THE Green Party and United Left coalition of Verds Esquerra in Artà protested yesterday about the level of damage inflicted by unauthorised vehicles visiting the protected area of special natural interest known as Es Canons.

The Greens said yesterday that they had complained repeatedly about the matter to the Socialist and Union Mallorquina alliance which runs Artà town council but to no avail.

They therefore decided to bypass the town hall and take their grievances to the Environmental quality department of the regional government.
Verds Esquerra councillor Guillem Caldentey demanded the adoption of “urgent measures which are effective and permanent aimed at limiting the access of motorised vehicles to such protected natural spaces.” The party also pointed out that over the last few years, the presence of cars in Es Canons on a daily basis has converted the original single track into a rough roadway of between two and four metres wide.

It added that indiscriminate parking meant that vehicles were stationed right amongst the rocks, crushing the flora and fauna causing gradual deterioration of the landscape.

As well as Caldentey's group having highlighted the eroding damage being caused by visiting vehicles in Es Canons over a considerable period of time to no avail, they are not alone.

A coastal defence organisation situated in la Colonia de Sant Pere, known as Es Garballó, protested as long ago as 2005 about the very same situation.
Es Garballó also said that the only way to combat further erosion was to stop the parking of unauthorised vehicles.


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