THE Daily Bulletin has managed to find a new home for a couple of baaad sheep following an appeal made by their owner through the newspaper last month.

Margaret Carragher who lives in the rural heartland of Majorca, has not only taken Snowy but also Blanquita off the hands of Elizabeth Whitehead who rescued the sheep but is looking after a total of 56 animals and was getting concerned about some of the “bad habits” one of the sheep, Fluffy, was developing.

Margaret said yesterday; “Blanquita and Snowy are now residing in the centre of the Island. Both very happy and contented and helping me to keep the land, some 24.000 sqm from weeds. “They are having a ball of a time. They also enjoy the company of our cocks, hens and ducks. I am delighted that I adopted these lovely creatures, which, apart from being well behaved, talk to me and walk with me, like dogs. This is a source of ‘therapy'. “I actually wondered why Snowy did not respond to me for the first few days, obviously thinking that she was a little shy at 6 months, hiding in the corner of the carport. I asked Elizabeth Whitehead of Wildlife rescue who has hand reared them. “Well, she said, it's not so surprising. If you are calling her “ Misty” which was the name of my former cat. Her name is “Snowy”. Since then she always replies to me “I am very impressed how Elizabeth voluntarily, takes care of animals that have been neglected or in distress. She certainly knows how to look after them. I wish her ongoing success and hope that her Wildlife rescue business receives donations to help with her running costs. “As an added service Elizabeth also delivers her stock to their new homes. “I am very grateful to both the Bulletin and Elizabeth, “ she added.


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