Andratx.— “Neighbours in Cala Moragues are upset about the Council's decision to seal off the pool,” said their residents' association President Keefer Archer yesterday.

The pool is on public ground on rocks adjacent to Calle Cadernera but last Friday a municipal Environment inspector and Local Police examined the pool. With insufficient maintenance having been carried out on the installations and with worrying signs of imminent collapse, it was judged that the pool was unsafe for public use.

Archer said that the residents couldn't agree to the closure on the grounds that an empty pool is an even greater danger. “It's going to lie abandoned for an indeterminate period of time,” he claimed. Archer said that the residents' association had tried to take over responsibility for the upkeep of the pool but Andratx Council had refused to agree. He said that “the pool has been in constant use for 30 years but for the past four, some maintenance has been paid for by a small community of property owners who live in front of it. “We have at least been able to enjoy the pool during the summer months,” Archer said. The town council said yesterday that according to technical advisers and current municipal bylaws, the correct action had been taken to ensure public safety. A council spokesman claimed that the private owners had refused to accept the terms and conditions of maintenance responsibility.


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