Palma.—On average, 173 crimes were reported to the police every day, amounting to over 31'000 in the first semester of 2013.
The number of armed robberies has gone down significantly (4'659 this year compared to 5'559 last year) and so has the amount of armed break-ins. According to the statistics, a reduction in the number of robberies using violence or some form of intimidation is evident, with these types of crimes slumping by 9.8%.

Violent robberies including the ones committed inside the victim's homes are also included in this group although there have been no improvements in cracking down on this particular type of crime (46 this year, 46 last year).

Car thefts also fell by almost 6%.
On the other end of the scale, drug trafficking has gone up. Last year 171 crimes were reported but that figure has now risen to 205, an increase of almost 20%.

The number of thefts is also causing concern with crime reports rising from 12'660 in 2012 to 13'205 this year.
A government team, which yesterday presented the results found in the report said that despite an increase in some types of crime, overall the results are very positive considering the number of crimes reported went down by 2.4% in the space of one year (32'141 in the first semester of last year). “These results are a success. This shows that the prevention plans put in motion by the Guardia Civil and the National Police since the beginning of the year have proved to be a good measure,” said a spokesman for the team.

The National Police also welcomed the results. “Considering that the results also include a part of the Summer season and that there are suggestions that this is one of the busiest Summer seasons of all time, in terms of the number of visitors to the islands so far, it's fair to say that this is very positive news.”


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