THE Balearic government's emergencies department has brought its special plan for preventing flooding (INUNDABAL) into operation 12 days earlier than expected, because of the forecast of heavy rains for this weekend. As reported yesterday, a cold snap is expected to hit the islands this weekend, bringing storms and torrential rain, of up to 50 litres per square metre per hour in some areas. Because of the risk of flooding the emergencies department has issued a series of recommendations for the general public.
These include taking extra precautions while driving, avoiding excursions in the mountains, and checking drainage systems in homes.
People are also advised to use their cars only when it is essential, not to cross bridges or flooded roads, and to keep away from torrentes or water courses. Yesterday the Met Office was predicting a drop of temperatures of between 8 and 10º C in the Balearics because of the storms due to enter from the north. The forecast for today is clear skies, with cloud building up in the afternoon and the risk of scattered showers. Night time temperatures will go down slightly. Tomorrow and Sunday will be marked by storms and heavy rains.
By Monday, the weather will have cleared, although there will still be a risk of scattered showers in the Balearics.
The Canary Islands have already suffered serious flooding due to a tropical front which hit the islands yesterday.
It caused flights to be cancelled or rerouted, and flooded basements, garages and several roads.
The Canary Island government yesterday declared a state of alert because of the heavy rains in Tenerife.
The unexpected rain fell ata rate of more than 30 litres per square metre in just over an hour, a government spokesman said.


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