PEOPLE living in Ses Salines had evidently been pushed one step too far yesterday when they launched a signature-gathering campaign to demand a solution from the town council and its contractors to the problem of low water pressure at peak times of the day, leaving them unable to shower just when they most need to.

The water supply comes to Ses Salines from wells in the south Majorcan district of Campos and is managed under contract by operations group “Sorea”. The arrival of huge numbers of tourists during the summer months to Majorca's coastal areas of Colonia de Sant Jordi, sa Rapita and other urban developments, combined with the lack of a supply level regulator in Ses Salines, means that the town's inhabitants just can't get their water on tap.

The fact that local people have had to put up with the same situation for the past four years brought their patience to an end yesterday and residents are seeking a solution not just from the town council but from a community-wide basis. An added problem is that the town of Ses Salines is situated at the highest geographical point in the district which results in there not being sufficient pressure to boost water up the piping network into bath and shower units.

It is widely known that the solution to the problem lies in the construction of a holding tank to regulate supply uniquely for the population of Ses Salines. The pumping system would “top up” the water volume in the event of it running low during the summer months when the population of the district doubles.

When they have finished collecting signatures, the towns people plan to pressurize the local Socialist coalition in charge at the town hall as well as wider district authorities into ensuring that this is the last summer they have to do without a shower at peak times. For many residents, showering at any time of the day they choose is a basic right for everybody, particularly if they have kept up payment of their water rates.

The situation has even been denounced by the independent political party - NIL - which forms part of Ses Salines' Socialist coalition. They have urged their companions to act to solve a situation which affects “all people living in the town.”


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