RIOT police were called on Thursday night after a fight, apparently over a pair of sunglasses, between different ethnic groups drew a thousand people out on to the streets of the neighbourhood of Son Gotleu.

National Police sources indicated yesterday that the affray was allegedly triggered when a gypsy woman accidentally dropped her sunglasses through the window of the car in which she was travelling.

When the driver of the car realised what had happened, he pulled over to let the woman out so that she could walk back up the road to collect them. By the time she reached the spot, an African had apparently picked up the glasses and refused to give them to her saying he had found them out in the street.

The gypsy and the immigrant started a furious verbal argument which eventually turned to violence. Bystanders joined in and before long the dispute had drawn in large numbers of others. Bottles and bricks were thrown. Three people were injured and had to be taken to Palma's Son Llatzer hospital with medical sources confirming that although there were no stab wounds, victims had been badly cut and bruised.


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