By Humphrey Carter
WITHIN hours of hoteliers meeting to discuss ways of reducing the number of balcony accidents this year, a 20-year-old Romanian holiday maker suffered multiple injuries while trying to climb down three floors of balconies.

The tourist had apparently been out drinking in Arenal and was heavily under the influence of alcohol when police were called because he was apparently beginning to bother people in and around Balneario 5.

He is also accused of having apparently punched a female German tourist.
The police accompanied the young man back to his hotel in the early hours, told him to sleep it off and that they would return to question him the following morning - today.

However, it appears that moments after the police left the hotel, the Romanian began climbing out over the balcony in an attempt to reach the room below and slip out of the hotel again.

However, the glass terrace doors were locked and he suffered multiple cuts by trying to smash through the sliding doors.
Unable to get into the room, he then began climbing over the balcony down to the first floor room.
However, a British couple in the room raised the alarm by reporting that a bleeding young man had just landed on their first balcony from the floor above.

Yesterday, he was recovering in hospital.


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