By Humphrey Carter

NEWCASTLE University business student Craig Willis, 22, is a healthy, intelligent young man with everything going for him. But the keen and talented footballer with a regular girlfiend, Lucy, and exciting employment prospects may never walk again after suffering a tragic “accident” in Magalluf in the early hours of Monday morning.

Craig fell from the fifth floor terrace in a block of flats just hours after he and his friend Alex had arrived from Newcastle for a quick four-day break on the island.

Craig, who broke his back, fractured his collar bone and a rib as well as suffering a possible fracture to a leg, a punctured lung and fractured three or four vertabrea, one of which was shattered and a “suspicious” gash from ear to ear to the back of his head, can remember nothing. He waits in Son Dureta hospital to be air ambulanced back to the UK for surgery.

But his father Paul, who with the rest of the family flew straight out to Majorca as soon as they heard the news on Monday, yesterday tried to make some sense of what happened.

The Guardia Civil are keeping an open mind, they are still waiting for witnesses to come forward, and Paul is desperate, frustrated and deeply upset, although he is putting a brave face on the situation trying to organise his son's transport home.

The insurance company will not move him until they receive the police report and the police can not hand over a report until a judge has examined the case and that will be at the start of next week.

Yesterday, Paul was all set to pay for a private air ambulance while all they know is that Craig may never walk again.
In the early hours of Monday, Alex and Craig were separated in a Magalluf club. Alex waited outside for an hour-and-a half and then returnd to their hotel, but still no sign of Craig.

While Alex looked for Craig, the police had been called to the Record block of flats where residents had reported a Briton was banging on doors with a fire extinguisher and shouting.

By the time the police arrived Craig had reached the fifth floor terraces from where he fell. According to Paul, who has inspected the scene, it would appear Craig tried to break his fall.

There was also a trail of blood all the way up to the fifth floor, where there were splashes, and vomit on the third floor.
Police believe Craig cut himself when grabbing the fire extinguisher out of its glass case.
The emergency services battled for an hour at the scene to stabilise the 22-year-old before rushing him to Son Dureta where he has been well looked after and made a good recovery since his family and girlfriend arrived.

Paul said yesterday that no traces of drugs were found in his son's body, as he expected as Craig does not take drugs, and that his behaviour was completely “out of character”. “When we were young we all enjoyed a few drinks and made a bit of noise, but he was a good, sensible healthy lad with great prospects. He's never been any kind trouble at home, the whole thing does not make any sense,” he told the Bulletin. “I'm not pointing the finger at anyone, I just wish witnesses would come forward and help the police and in the meantime that other Britons on holiday take this as a warning. Things can and do happen, don't leave your brains at check-in. Stay together, watch your drinks, stay alert. Being sensible does not mean you can't have any fun. I wouldn't want this to happen to any family.”


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