THE Environment department of Llucmajor town council was claiming victory yesterday in a battle it has been waging all week against plagues of wasps in the tourist resort of Cala Pi.

Council technicians have been fumigating rubbish containers and waste paper bins in the area, hoping to rid the resort of the scourge which has been bothering tourists and residents for several weeks.

Sebastian Artigues, head of the department explained that his technicians have also been laying a series of “sticky” traps close to the containers and waste bins so that the wasps end up being immobilised and finally caught.

Rudi Gomez, the Manager of the Hotel Club Cala Pi acknowledged yesterday that Llucmajor council had been working with specialised equipment to eradicate the plague of wasps. He said that it was not only the guests at the hotel who were complaining but staff were apparently being stung by the insects up to five times a day. Gomez expressed his satisfaction with the way the problem had been soundly dealt with and gave thanks to the council for their efficient action.

He said that the hotel reception were finding it hard to cope with somewhere in the region of nine complaints every day about the wasps which were preventing guests from using the swimming pool and settling on food in the open-air restaurant. Visitors were reportedly forced to go back inside the main dining room, which led to very crowded moments for table space at lunch and dinner. “People were also unable to sit quietly and enjoy being by the swimming pool, and with the wasps hovering over the water, guests viewed taking a swim as a highly risky prospect.,” explained Gomez.

The dense part of the wasp swarm had homed in on a number of different rubbish containers by the beach, leaving bathers afraid of being stung at any moment.