ART and the night meet in Palma with the Summer open air cinema at the Parc de la Mar, beneath the Cathedral.
This cinema shows films in English, Spanish and Catalan.
Two films in English have already been shown, and the last one (Monster in Law, starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez) will be shown at 10pm on Tuesday August 22. The open air cinema is an initiative of Palma council who, being aware of the high temperatures in Summer, invites people to go out in the evening and enjoy some leisure in the open air. They started this initiative some years ago. It extends to a wide range of activities, not just the cinema.
This Summer they have programmed a new cycle of activities under the collective title “Nights in the open air”.
This catalogue of events includes pop, rock and jazz concerts, theatrical performances by amateur dramatic groups in Palma, and a Festival of Mediterranean Songs, where groups and soloists perform on a platform in the lake. Nevertheless, it is probably the open air cinema which attracts the most people.
In an exceptionally spectacular area of the town, as is the Parc de la Mar, the seventh edition of this cinema blends with the night to delight an audience which gathers “en masse”. Free seats are taken in the blink of an eye, and the grass is buried under towels and rucksacks, making it an ideal meeting place for spectators of all ages. The film can be the perfect excuse, the meeting point to share a drinking session. Everyone comes with their home made dinner of a baguette. It could be that the bread is a bit hard by this time, but it's not every night you get the chance to have dinner with Natalie Portman or Johnny Depp.


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