BALEARIC car dealers sold 82.53 million euros worth of new cars in July, which is 55.6 percent more than the number sold in July 2005, an increase which constrasts sharply with the fall of 2.1 percent in sales of new cars throughout Spain.
According to Faconaut, the Federation which groups together the 3'000 official dealerships in Spain, in contrast to the islands Spain is experiencing its second fall in business in the last three years, with a total turnover of 2'994 million euros in July.
In comparison with June, the 82.53 million euros turnover in July was a fall of 16.9 percent, as in June 2006 a total of 99.22 million euros worth of new cars were sold.
Taking the figures from January to July this year the turnover for new cars sold increased to 414.33 million euros, some 26.90 percent more than the amount for those sold in the first six months of 2005 (326.48 million euros).
As for the amount people spent on cars, the Faconauto report says that Balearic citizens spent an average of 16'223 euros on the purchase of a car in July, 0.68 percent less than in July 2005.


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