SOME 60 percent of the cafes, restaurants and shops in the Balearics do not use their air conditioning efficiently.
They usually have it set to maximum, producing an “excess” energy consumption which could be avoided if businesses had a study made of their premises to tell them where the most efficient place to locate it would be. This statement was made by Carlos Miranda of PIMEM (Association of Small and Medium Sized Businesses), who added that only a minority of businesses on the islands make efficient use of their air conditioning, avoiding making it work at 100 percent of its capacity and thus saving energy, while the rest overload their air conditioning, increasing its energy consumption by some 40 percent. Miranda said that one of the main difficulties in changing this state of affairs is that people have no knowledge of the things which must be taken into account when installing an air conditioning system adding, “Business owners are not aware of the importance of putting the apparatus in the right place, but it is a basic requirement in terms of energy saving”.


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