Staff Reporter

THE nautical sector is fully prepared to collaborate with the tax office's campaign to prevent drugs from entering the Balearics, according to PIMEM, the association for small and medium sized businesses.

A spokesman said yesterday that a meeting was held between various associations connected with the sailing world, to discuss the information required by the tax office.

It was attended by representatives of the Balearic Association of Nautical Firms, the Balearic Association of Yacht Clubs, the Association of Nautical Sports Installations, the Spanish Chartering Federation and the Provincial Association of Maritime Activities Firms.

They all expressed their willingness to work in collaboration with the tax office “as they have been doing up to date, by providing a daily traffic control for the Guardia Civil and Customs.” A meeting will be held shortly with Raúl Burillo, the provincial director of the tax office, to discuss “useful mechanisms” employing new technologies which will make collaboration easier, the spokesman said.

He added that the nautical sector makes “a very important contribution” to the Balearic economy, and it is “strategic” for tourism.
He pointed out that the Balearics is a favoured destination for the maintenance and repair of boats during winter, when tourism falls considerably.
Customs and Excise have four launches based in the Balearics to fight against drug smuggling and they are backed up by a helicopter.
The launches are out on patrol every day.