HUNDREDS of fish have been found floating dead in the waters of the natural wetlands of Maristany over the past few days. Alcudia Town Council has confirmed that it is a natural occurrence caused by the rise in temperature and is not due to pollution.

Such deaths, an Environmental department spokesman said yesterday, are frequent during times of drought but similar losses have apparently not happened in years. The high temperatures over the last few days and low water levels have combined to starve the water of oxygen. What little remains has been insufficient to sustain the fish population of the Maristany wetlands, located between Alcudia's sports stadium and the bypass. Hence, high numbers have died from asphyxiation.

Alcudia Town Council is aware of the problem and for several years now has been pumping water into the wetlands during the hottest months of the year to stop the fish dying on mass. This year, however, the heat has been so great that the volume of water pumped in from outside has not been enough.

Alcudia's Mayor, Miquel Ferrer, said yesterday that once biologists had taken samples and made their analyses, the fish were removed from the water to stop the possible spread of infection.


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