THE Balearic Assocation for Craftsmen and Artists will be presenting a project to the Ministry for Business, Industry and Energy before the end of this year to create “multi-shop” centres where they can sell their arts and crafts products. The project already has financial viability thanks to a grant from European Union funds.
The initiative has been called “Artbalear” and, if all goes ahead as planned, it will act as a way to ensure the continual “richness” of the arts and crafts remains on the islands. According to the President of the Arts and Crafts Association, Francisca Llabrés, local arts and crafts are at risk of being forgotten and lost.
Currently the sector is going through a difficult period owning to the selling problems, competition and lack of appprentices in the specific arts and craft trades. Add to this the “excessive individualism” of many craftsmen and thebad location of some of the most important sales points, such as Pueblo Español and Paseo de la Artesania, now is the time to develop and prosper, he said. As an answer to these problems, the association wants to create a commercial and professional network of shops, where there will be space to exhibit all the local products. One of these “multi-shops” could be created in Playa de Palma, and another on Paseo de la Artesania in Palma.
They are also planning to open a further two more, one in Plaza del Olivar (Palma), next to the market, and one in Inca. However, talks with the town councils have only just started.