FOR most people, this weekend is the final one of the summer holidays and now everyone is slowly starting to return to their jobs and a new school term for the children is just around the corner. We wanted to know with what feelings visitors to the island were now leaving Majorca's shores. What better place to conduct some live interviews, than the airport.
1-Louise McLeod. Scottish. She had been here for a week with her partner. It was their first visit but definitely not their last. In their opinion, value for money here is very good.
2-Eddie Hanley. Irish. This was not the first time he has been to Majorca and indeed he had seen that it is much more built-up now. He viewed this negatively because the island is going to lose the charm that it holds for tourists. Eddie had been staying in Santa Ponsa and on this occasion, he didn't move from there because he actually wanted a beach holiday. In that respect, Santa Ponsa provided all he wanted. Also since his last visit, Eddie has noticed how prices have risen.
3-Nicola Scott. Irish. This had been a first visit for Nicola and she liked it so much that she wanted to come back again next year. Most of her holiday here had been spent in Magaluf but she had gone into Palma shopping. The reason she came to Majorca was that she felt she could enjoy the nightlife whilst being able to relax in the day. She was taken by surprise by the reasonable cost of products in supermarkets and by taxi fares although going out at night here costs the same as it does in Ireland. She was sorry not to have got to know some local people.
4-Bmoch Hutchison. English. It was his first time on Majorca and he was very disappointed in the quality of the sea water. He was pleased however with service at the establishment where he was staying as well as with the food. He'd enjoyed meeting people who were native to the island, saying that they were very friendly.
5-Hinids Sest. German. This was her first visit here. She chose Majorca because her son had really wanted to come to the island. Hinids believed the prices were just about right and that it is a perfect place to bring the family.
6-Ian Kimber. English. Ian had been to Majorca before and had made a return trip for the sun, the beach, the food and the people, whom he had found to be very friendly. He came with the whole family as there is plenty to do here for the children. In order to get to know more of the island than just Alcudia, Ian hired a car which enabled the family to tour some spectacular parts of the North and Eastern sections of Majorca.
7-Barbara Nallaweg. German. This is her second visit. Barbara has come again chiefly for the sun and the beach, and she still wants to repeat the trip next year. The best part of the holiday was being able to spend only a little money and eat well on it.
8-David McHardy. English. This is David's fourth trip but the previous occasion was 10 years ago and he was impressed at the way the airport has changed since that time. He felt that overall quality had improved and wants to come again but not leaving it for so long next time. He thought that prices were reasonable.
9-Patricia Larroz. Spanish (from Zaragoza). Patricia was making her fourth visit to Majorca, but she had enjoyed this stay even more than the previous occasions because now that she is more adult, she was able to hire a car and tour the coast. She saw however, that prices are much higher there than in her native town. In terms of being well received, Patricia commented that she'd met some very friendly people and some who were just the opposite. She views Majorcans as being of a very closed disposition and made reference to some unkind comments that had been made to her.
10 -Wimson Klars. German. This was Wimson's first visit but commented it is unlikely he will be back because on the few occasions that he travels, he likes to go somewhere different. Something that he had really appreciated was that there were plenty of activities for young children in the hotel. He had found prices high but thanks to renting a car, he had visited some beautiful spots on the island.
11 -Gerardo Massoc. Spanish (from Lérida). This trip was a first time visit for Gerardo and he was taken aback by the high prices. He had been staying at a hotel in El Arenal, and because he hadn't wanted to leave the island only having known that one area, he toured the whole island by car. The North East impressed him the most. He chose Majorca as a holiday destination because it was cheapest on offer at the travel agency. Something else he found surprising was the difference in the quality of the water.
12 -Stefan Liess. German. Stefan has been to Majorca before on many occasions because his sister lives here. He commented that he has seen a big difference in prices on the island between the time when the Peseta was still the currency and now, with the euro in the market place. He said it's not just the currency change but there has been a definite rise in prices.
13 -Silke Hochansk. German. Silke really enjoyed her holiday here and told us it's one of the most beautiful places she has ever been to. She said that people were very friendly and open, and happy to give service. The prices are about right.
14 -Manuel Olmedo. Spanish (from Barcelona). This gentleman has also been to the island on several occasions. This time he had been staying in Illetas which he had enjoyed very much because it is not the most crowded of tourist spots on Majorca. He had hired a car to be able to see other parts of the island and to have more flexibility of movement during his stay. He had made a number of excursions, including a trip on the train to Sóller, the Caves of Drach, the Perlas Majorica factory, the Gothic quarter in Palma and the Cathedral.
15 -Francisca Gomez. Spanish (from Barcelona). When she had come in previous years, Francisca had spent most of her time on the beach so this time, she had decided to set about a different way of spending her holiday. She felt that remaining in the tourist areas will teach a visitor nothing whatsoever about the island, only about foreigners.
16 -Maria Olomo. Spanish (from Madrid). Maria came here when favourable recommendations from friends made her want to see the island for herself. She had to agree with them, she said. Majorca is very beautiful. Prices, she commented, were nevertheless as high as she expected.