A 61-year-old woman was yesterday still recovering from the shock of falling into a tomb while visiting the grave of her late sister in Palma cemetery on Wednesday. “It was the worst day of my life,” Amparo said yesterday.
Amparo, a sister and 81-year-old mother had gone to Palma cemetery at around 1.30pm to mark the anniversary of her late sister's death. “She's buried in the old part of the cemetery where some of the tombs are starting to crumble and signs clearly warn people against standing on the tombs,” she explained. “My mother decided to sit down while we placed some fresh flowers on my late sister's niche. “I was standing on a large patch of gravel but suddenly, I guess because of the heavy rains at the start of the week, a large hole opened up and I slipped straight down into the tomb below. “I suffered a fierce bump on landing and lost all my force. “My elderly mother was struck by a minor panic attack and my other sister didn't know what to do.