Palma.—Early morning traffic heading into Palma from Calvia was seriously disrupted yesterday after a 34-year-old Bulgarian woman fell to her death from the Costa den Blanes bridge.

The tragic incident happened just before 7am when the victim fell into the path of rush hour traffic from a height of six metres.

According to the emergency services, the first car that collided with her caused serious damage as she was dragged some 100 metres down the busy motorway.

Pieces of the victim's body began to fly across the road and following drivers were unable to avoid the body parts.
The first members of the police and the Guardia Civil to reach the bridge could not believe what had happened and were apparently quite shocked by the scene. Parts of the Palma bound stretch of the motorway were immediately closed off and the tailbacks stretched back as far as Peguera, some five kilometres away.

The motorway was eventually reopened some three hours later at 9.45am but not after a full investigation had been carried out by forensics and the scene of the tragedy cleaned up.

The investigation into why the Bulgarian fell remains open but police believe that a grey Seat found near the spot from where the victim fell could have belonged to the Bulgarian.

The keys were still in the ignition, the lights on and the doors open.