Palma.— People in the Islands waiting for surgery through the regional health service will be able to “draw up their own waiting lists” as of next year, the Balearic Ministry for Health Carmen Castrosaid yesterday.

Patients will be able to choose their hospital and doctors in 2012, said Castro, explaining the move is the first stage of an ongoing project using an Amadeus computer system which will later incorporate appointments with consultants. “In 2015, all people using the regional health service will be able to choose the hospital and the doctor they want using Amadeus,” furthered Castro, confirming that patients will then be able to see for themselves how long they will have to wait as a result of the choice they have made.

Castro was speaking yesterday after a meeting with Balearic President José Ramón Bauza and other key government figures in which Bauzá had apparently left it very clear that he wants the emphasis put on prevention of illness rather than cure.

Pilot scheme “There is no better investment than a public health system which makes sure people stay as healthy as possible,” said Castro.
Other items on the regional health agenda in the near future include a scheme whereby nursing staff will visit individual schools to give talks to staff and students on healthy life styles. Castro also mentioned that there will be changes to consumer laws as the government has become aware that there are some aspects of sales on the internet and other forms of publicity that fail to guarantee public health and safety.