THE Spanish Cabinet approved a royal decree yesterday, for the creation of 31 citizens' courts throughout Spain, two of them to be located in Palma.
According to the Minister of Justice, José María Michavila, these will allow for a more efficient Justice system.
Of the 31 newly planned centres, eight are Magistrates courts, 11 are County courts, 5 are Courts of Sentence, 2 Criminal courts, 1 juvenile court, 2 Courts of Litigation and 2 Courts of Social Justice. The creation of these 31 new units, along with 68 soon to be created courts that will be related specifically to business, brings to 800 the implementation recommended by a Spanish Board of Judiciary in 1997. In the judicial programme for 2003 enshrined in the royal decree, only the creation of civic courts were stipulated. These courts are designed to give the most appropriate response to issues of family law, thus increasing the turnover of cases that come to court and in a wider perspective, making the judicial system more effective.